Self-Advocacy : Keys to Life

KarynthiaHearing the words “you have cancer” can almost knock the breath out of you. . . I know.  The memory is vivid as if it were today when I received the call with the biopsy report.  It was important not to become isolated, but to encircle myself with family and friends to help me remember the command in Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

There will be days you will only be able to meditate on segments of the passage.  For example, today it might be   “Do not be afraid” is resonating – hold on to it!  Perhaps, tomorrow and the day after you will reflect on” don’t be discouraged  . . . hold on.  If you are unable to read ask someone to play the scripture on the CD player.  Feed you faith to minimize fear and doubt.  Apply action steps to your faith.

Certainly, obtaining education, resources and support are essential to increase quality of life during the journey of cancer. Did you know?1 in 8In light of the statistics that state 1 in 8 persons will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, we must continue education beyond the officially designated month of  breast cancer awareness to encourage self-advocacy. (For more on self-advocacy watch video with Monica on Bridges CTN TV CH 39  see video below.)

The urgency is clear.  The statistics reveal that although more Caucasians are diagnosed, more African Americans die from breast cancer.  Support ongoing breast cancer community education, as early detection makes a huge difference in terms of successful treatment and saving lives.

Please continue to sound the alarm to encourage early detection with breast exams and mammograms, and to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors (organic/fresh fruits and vegetables in diet, regular exercise, and reading labels on cleaning and body fragrance/skin care products to avoid toxic content).

Be assured the presence of God is near you to travel with you on the journey of self-advocacy and restoration . Sisters, you are stronger than you think. You are not alone.  We are here, to be help you on this journey.

Prayer:  Lord, I submit those who are experiencing doubt, guilt confusion about their diagnosis that you would comfort  and encircle them with friends and family. Release strength to enable them to fight and take action toward self -advocacy.

About Karynthia Phillips

Author, Speaker and Life-Health Coach. . . motto : " Self-care is not by Chance it's a Choice". You matter spirit, mind and body.
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