Will Faith Alone Keep My Temple ?

We must practice balanced living with food for the body and soul.

There are many temples with architectural designs that are stunningly picturesque. However, to  keep their structural beauty they are  maintained …both from the outside and inside.

One question I often ask my patients is “What are you doing to maintain your temple (health) physically, emotionally, and spiritually?”  Some respond that they walk, eat balanced meals, drink water, etc., and another common response is “I care for my temple by resting.”That statement prompts another question: How do we rest?  One patient in particular said, “I lay down early, but my mind is wide awake all night.”

  There are 5 tips for mental wellbeing you might want to practice.  Mental Wellbeing

Karynthia Phillips Optimal health can be a choice.

Karynthia Phillips Healthcare Professional

This month’s blog is to urge  you to think about activating  lifestyle changes that will help you and your family become stronger and healthier. There is no question the benefits of praying and participating with communion together in religious traditions.

Consider the added benefits  of optimal health if you combine  spiritual and natural activities  by scheduling family time for physical activities. Take a walk, bike ride, or a cooking class together and experience  restoration with laughter as you begin to enter rest.

Remember 1)  Connect (in relationships);  2)  Be Active;  3)  Keep Learning;  4)  Give to Others;  and 5)  Be Mindful (of your blessings and surroundings). I like reading scripture, meditation , stretching and exercise as modalities to help with resting.

Readers, how do you “turn off the noise” to enter  rest? 

Body, Soul and Spirit!

Body, Soul and Spirit!

About Karynthia Phillips

Author, Speaker and Life-Health Coach. . . motto : " Self-care is not by Chance it's a Choice". You matter spirit, mind and body.
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