The Sting of Thorns

Roses are beautiful, like life and all that God provides. The fragrance that consumes a room is pleasant; however, its fragrance can also interrupt silence with a sneeze. Often one can be enthralled with the beauty of a rose and reach out to touch it and experience the sting of a prick. The prick might be so deep that you bleed. What about the pain of the thorns that linger? How does one survive the thorns that are present in  life ?  Yes, it is often unexpected the obstacles that come in our lives . . . whether spiritual, emotional or physical. It is neither the thorn nor the obstacle that determines your outcome.  You must decide  how to control further contact with your thorns while you continue to do life.

Take a moment and read Hosea 2:6-7(HCSB) , Therefore, this is what I will do:I will block her[a] way with thorns;I will enclose her with a wall,so that she cannot find her paths. She will pursue her lovers but not catch them;she will seek them but not find them. Then she will think,“I will go back to my former husband,for then it was better for me than now.”

Hosea 2:6-7 expresses a beautiful  story that compares to  Gods’ desire for relationship with the beloved . The image of one’s way being blocked with thorns of life, just to obtain their attention for a better relationship. Remember God is Jealous. Perhaps your thorns are to strengthen your relationship with God.

Let’s Talk:
What resonates from that passage? Is the sting of the prick inhibiting your progress in life, career, or ministry? What are you enslaved too? What do you love more than God? Is it possible that your thorns are present to get your attention? How do you manage the sting of your thorns?

Don’t allow the prick to chase you away from God.

About Karynthia Phillips

Author, Speaker and Life-Health Coach. . . motto : " Self-care is not by Chance it's a Choice". You matter spirit, mind and body.
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